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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Isn't the Shomrim Society a Police Organization?

A: It was when four cops got together in 1963 to form the Shomrim Society. However, in 1970 the members recognized that their problems and goals were not only police oriented. They opened the membership to all Port Authority of the Jewish faith. Today, with over 90 members, about one-half of the active membership is police and the other half  are non-police. "It's only for cops" is no longer a legitimate excuse.

Q. What can Shomrim do for me?

A: The Shomrim won't put dollars in your pocket. But, perhaps with your participation we can put pride and camaraderie in your work and social life. We are a fraternal organization. The ages of our members and their jobs vary greatly, but there is no generation gap and there are no class lines to overcome. Our common tie that unites us all is that we are Jewish. Our meetings are open to husbands and wives, singles and their guests.


Q. I am not very religious. Can I still join?

A: Absolutely! The extent of your religious practice is strictly a personal matter. Many of our members are not members of a synagogue. Our membership varies from Orthodox to those who don't really know what they are, except that they are Jewish.